Corporate set up and expansion

    Corporate set up and expansion

    We follow our clients in establishing new corporations or developing new branches or ventures, providing advisory and feasibility studies.
    We are specialized in fiscal rules, domestic and international.
    We provide fiscal optimization services for small and medium enterprise, domestic and international fiscal planning, specializing in United States tax compliance, as this is the traditionally the first market our local customer approach in their internationalization process.
    With our offices in the United States of America, we offer a solid support, providing the following services:

    • Enterprise establishment
    • Bookkeeping
    • Coorporate hosting
    • Corporate books management
    • Local Insurances and Credit institution relationships
    • Tax filing services
    • USA tax returns
    • Year end statements


    • Corporate development advisory
    • Business plan
    • Branch office support with bookkeeping
    • Tax treaties evaluation

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