The Office


Established in 1995 by Dr. Anna Maria Bonesi, a member of the Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili di Ferrara.

Outstanding professional services to enterprises, self-employed, no profit organizations enabled the strong growth of this organization. The deep knowledge together with the extensive experience of its founder, Dr. Bonesi, helped its customers to grow, expanding their influence beyond the local territory.

Memberships and habilitations:

  • Member of the Financial Auditors Board (Registro dei Revisori Contabili, al n. 75221 dal 26/05/1999; di cui al D.Lgs. 88/92, sostitutivo dell’Albo Ufficiale dei Revisori dei Conti, con D.M. del 13/06/95 pubblicato nella quarta serie della G.U. de 16/06/1995, fascicolo 46 bis);
  • Member of the Civil Technical Consultants Board (Albo dei Consulenti Tecnici, ramo Civile, presso il Tribunale di Ferrara, al n.582) since April 19th 2001;
  • Member of the Liquidator Board (Albo dei Liquidatori Cooperative presso il Ministero del Lavoro) since 1995.
  • Member of the Local Government Auditors Board (Albo dei Revisori Enti Locali).
  • Doctorate in Economics.


Today the Office is able to offer a wide range of services, including consultancy of renowned experts. Payoll and Human resources management support, Notary Public services, legal support for any civil, penal, commercial or tax issue.

Real Estate services, including Title search and sale support.

Our main activity is simplify all financial and fiscal incumbencies, to provide solutions to all challenges faced during day-by-day activities by enterprises or Self-employed. We recommend to our clients various investment opportunities, both domestic and international. We continuously update our knowledge on all the most recent fiscal and financial regulation changes in the most developed countries, to anticipate the market requirements.

We ensure the respect of all the financial and fiscal incumbencies, assisting our customers in the fast changing complex world of fiscal norms and of their subsequent compliance, providing a continuous fiscal, commercial and financial support, through immediate and effective answers.

We support our customers, both private and public. All services are tailor made, provided by highly skilled and expert partners.

We are present in various locations, both domestic and international.